Saturday, August 8, 2009


My birthday party this year was a weekend in Park City with the whole family. We had a great time swimming, hiking, playing games, and spent most of one day downtown. Addison decided she liked me while we were there so we had plenty of bonding time while everyone else rode the Alpine Slide, the Coaster, and the Zipline.

Wendover July 4th Weekend

The military base in Wendover used during World War II

Driving up the mountains around Wendover

Lorna at the Salt Flats

Lorna and I tried to prove you could go to Wendover and do something besides gamble. In our case we spent part of an afternoon driving out to the Salt Flats, going up the mountainside and seeing the old military base. These pictures are proof it can be done.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An apology to all family members

Yes, this is a picture of where the push to blog as a family was started. So many family members have done such a great job, but the person pushing it has been one of the last ones to make it happen. I can promise you Lorna has encouraged me many times to make it happen. Actually on many occasions she more than encouraged, but that might be a post for another time.

I do apologize to all family members for not participating like we (Lorna and Chuck) should have been doing. Please forgive us. We'll try to make up for it as we go forward.